It might be hard to wrap your head around what National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc. does.  Anything insurance is almost always difficult to understand, which is exactly why a person that has a casualty occur should contact NFA.

The following are questions the folks at National Fire Adjustment Co. receive frequently.  Click on the banner after the questions and you will be taken to their website page where you will find the answers.

What if you cannot replace an item that was damaged (ie. Historic home, antiques, items that are no longer in production)? How is a monetary value determined for those items?

How to Establish the Correct Actual Cash Value?

Is Debris Removal Extra and in Excess of my Policy Limit?

Valuation of Fixtures and Equipment, Personal Property?

What if I rent my apartment, or live in a Condo…what am I responsible for?

Do I have Inflation Guard?

Do I have Increased Code of Construction coverage, due to Building Codes and Ordinances?

How are Additional Living Expenses (ALE) Determined?

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