Disasters do happen.  We hope and pray that we, or our loved ones, are never the victim of a disaster.  But there are no guarantees.

What is guaranteed is that in the event of a disaster, National Fire Adjustment Co. will work for your benefit.  They will represent you.  They will make the process after the disaster easier for you.

National Fire Adjustment Co. will notify your insurance company of their involvement and request a copy of the policy and other relevant information that is needed.

'Depending on the type of loss, a team of specialized employees respond to your loss. This may include a building estimator, contents/business personal property estimator, accountant and of course your public adjuster. If a specialist, such as a structural engineer or environmentalist (for mold/moisture issues) is needed, these costs are typically incurred by NFA. Our fee is typically all inclusive.

We will keep you updated regularly and of course be available for any question you have throughout the process. But rest assured, you have hired the best in the business to help with your claim. This will allow you to focus your time on taking care of your business, family or both, while we take care of your insurance claim.'