NFA. National Fire Adjusters. But not just fire. An NFA adjuster represents those who have sustained an insured loss. NFA has specialists that handle structural collapses due to the weight of ice and snow. If you or someone you know had an insured loss due to ice and snow and needs help sorting it all out or is in dispute with an insurance company, contact NFA. In fact, if a dispute is the case, take a moment to read this article regarding a law signed in 2010 by then Gov. David A. Patterson allowing policyholders and insurers to compel each other to resolve their differences through a system similar to binding arbitration. 

NFA will also determine other insured losses such as business income, rental income, improvements & betterments, extra expenses etc., and make sure all provisions in your policy are fulfilled.


National Fire Adjusters 
371 White Spruce Boulevard 
Rochester, NY 14623