When the world sat down on Sunday, June 23rd (at 8ET/5PT) and watched Nik Wallenda walk across the Grand Canyon everyone was on the edge of their seats with fingers crossed, prayers quietly being uttered, and maybe even one eye closed as we watch him do it. Some people wonder why he does it, some wonder how he does it and still others wonder who sets it all up and how? Thanks to Jim & John Welch and their journey west this week we have pictures! O'Connell Electric, you've heard us talk about them right?, O'Connell Electric has been in Arizona since June 13th preparing for Nik's walk and are they ever busy! 

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You probably remember Nik's walk across Niagara Falls, he hired O’Connell Electric to install and dismantle an 1,800-foot, 2-inch diameter wire cable across Horseshoe Falls. You just don't mess with success!

Jim & John went out over the Canyon in that cage!


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