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Radiant Heat.  Visit A.C.E.S. Facebook Page to see incredible picture of current, recent, and past projects.  It's worth looking, reading about the various alternative energy solutions is wonderful but as they say... a pictures tells a thousand words!  In less than a thousand words...this is an image of over-the-floor radiant geothermal heating system which will be covered by 1.5 inches of lightweight concrete.  Image how nice that will feel on the feet!

Alternative Carbon Energy Systems, Inc. (A.C.E.S) specializes in Geothermal Heating & Cooling, Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Hot Water and Wind systems to harness the Earth’s renewable energy sources.  They are located at 7288 Rush Lima Road in Honeoye Falls N.Y.  They can be reached at 585-935-7186 or you can VISIT THEIR WEBSITE HERE.