Winston, Wishbone, Ginger, Midnight, Maxine, Shadow, Spee, Lady, Brownie, Little Hound, Patches, and Wile (e coyote).  What do these dogs have in common?  They were all rescues at The Salmon Ranch.


The Salmon family are big believers in rescuing pets and feel they were the lucky ones to share life at The Salmon Ranch with each of their dogs.  But when you are a rescue family and your pet becomes a real member of your family, you wonder for the rest of their lives what would their life have been if you hadn't rescued them?  

Your rescue dog (or cat) will bring you TONS of love each and every day.  

Please consider rescuing a pet.

PAWS in Albion, N.Y.

Friends of the Orleans County Animal Shelter

Rochester Animal Services Center

Lollipop Farm