Where do you buy your appliances?  If we've asked you once we've asked you a million times...why would you shop at the big box stores when you could have an enjoyable personalized buying experience with a locally owned business that stands behind their merchandise?  We just happen to know of one!

Maybe you don't need an appliance but just a part?  Rochester Appliance has thousands of parts!  Have your model number or part number ready and give them a  call at 585-272-9933.  Maybe you don't need the appliance or a part you just need someone that knows what their doing to fix the machine you have!  They do that too, and it won't cost you an arm and a let.  Rochester Appliance uses an industry price guide that assigns flat rates to appliance repairs. No hourly rates, which insures that you don't have to worry about unexpected fees. The price that's quoted is the price that's billed.

You won't get all that at the big box store.