Ruth Rowe Campbell - Rowe Realty-

We've heard but did you know Ruth Rowe Campbell is also an auctioneer/realtor?

She has an unique concept for you to sell your home-easily! Check her list;

Did you ever wonder why wealthy people auction homes, rather than just list them?  Here's why:

 1. Competition:
Competitive bidding results in higher sales prices for real estate sellers.

2. Exposure:
Auctions attract a wider range of buyers, increasing market exposure.

3. Speed:
Auctions provide a clear timeline for sale.

4. Protection:
Auctions offer 100% sale price protection with a "reserve"

 5. Service:
Auctions are full service, multiple listed sales.

6. Fees:
Auctions reduce marketing and seller fees.

7. Contingencies:
Auctions reduce or eliminate sale contingencies and inspections.

8. Motivated Buyers:
Auctions attract serious buyers ready to buy.

9. Transparency:
Buyers experience the bidding and feel confident about their purchase.

10. Target Marketing:
Marketing can be tailored for unique properties, specific areas or buyers.

 Wealthy people auction their homes because they know home values go up, marketing fees go down and their sale price is 100% secure.  That's the reason wealthy people auction their homes, rather than just list them!

Call Ruth Rowe Campbell, the lady auctioneer at Rowe Realty and  

Two phone numbers coming into her office; 315-986-9600,  585-388-1060 Convenient as per your location!