You know solar and geothermal are the way of the future and you'd like to jump onboard now but you cringe at what is could cost out of pocket to get started.  Does that describe you?  If so you need to read this article by A.C.E.S. Energy.  

Solar & Geothermal for NO money down! 

A.C.E.S has three things that will set them apart from the competition: coverage, experience, and certifications.  You want to choose the right want to choose A.C.E.S.

Contact A.C.E.S. Energy to set-up your free on site solar evaluation!  Call 585-935-7186 or visit their website here.  You can also stop in between 8am and 4pm to view their working geothermal, solar PV and solar thermal systems in operation. 

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