Is it true that the cost of a metal roof can be initially higher?  Yes BUT if you compare the life cycle cost of a metal roof vs. an asphalt roof the value of owning a metal roof is clear. A metal roof is the last roof you'll ever need!  Investing in a metal roof is a one time investment!  A metal roof will also appreciate the value of your home!  Are you convinced yet?!  Let us convince you of one more thing...the only place to get a metal roof is at The Metal Roof Outlet.  

The best recommendation is a word of mouth recommendation from someone who has used and is highly satisfied with a company. highly recommends The Metal Roof Outlet.  Why?  Because we KNOW they are reliable, professional and do a fantastic time.  When Jim wants a metal roof he wouldn't even consider anyone else.  That's why he had The Metal Roof Outlet at The Salmon Ranch many times!  Here are a couple of photos of the new metal roof over Jim's outdoor kitchen.


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