Let's be honest, personally I don't see a problem if the stove doesn't work, just kidding. However, it is one of the most used appliances so people do cook. Afterall, we need to eat on a regular basis!  So what to do if your stove quit? You drive over to Rochester Appliance and pick out the stove or range as they're called now! Lots of familiar brands to choose the one best for you and your family. For instance do you need a big oven? Is the cook-top more important? Do you use the convection feature? How about WI-Fi connected? Yes, it's a thing!

Rochester Appliance has ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines & dryers, trash compactors, water dispensers, and more items than you would even realize! Residential and Commercial! Also, a good "used" section, especially helpful for landlords to furnish apartments. Plus they do repair and have many parts in stock!

See for yourself on Rochester Appliance's website click the banner;