Do you suspect the roof lines in your home will be a bit of a challenge for a roofer?  We can agree for some roofers...but not for Tony the Roofer!  With 26 years in the roofing trade, Tony the Roofer is a pro!  

Not convinced yet?  You could hire someone that dabbles in many different areas but wouldn't you rather hire someone that only does roofing?  Wouldn't it make more sense when you consider that your roof is the most important part of your house?  You need a roof on your home and you need a GOOD roof.  To get a good roof you need to get a good roofer.  Tony the Roofer.

What are you waiting for? Tony the Roofer says that in many cases a home can be professionally roofed in 2 to 4 days. That's fast! Give him a call today at 585-288-9310 and get on his schedule. In just a short time the anxiety of getting a new roof will be behind you! 
2117 Buffalo Road 
Rochester NY 14624