Griffith Energy is a Superior Plus Energy Company located in Albion, NY. They have been providing energy solutions since 1922! Let me say that again... since 1922! How many businesses can you say that about? 
Let's face it, word of mouth travels quickly, but nothing travels as fast as negative experiences. You don't stay in business by not providing exceptional customer service.Griffith Energy has unsurpassed customer service, and testament is longevity in the industry. 
Currently they have discounts available to their residential customers. Discounts like switching your oil-based furnace to propane, bundle discounts (multiple fuels purchase), new bundle discounts, and easy pay budget plan. 

Contact Griffith Energy today by clicking on the photo below, or by calling the number below.

3819 Oak Orchard Rd   Albion, NY 14411   

Phone: 585-283-2760 

335 Mckee Rd        Rochester, NY 14611   

Phone: 585-441-0092