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We gather a tiny bit of understanding when we hear about alternative energy on the radio or on the news.  We add a bit more understanding when we talk to friends who are more informed.  We can complete our understanding by visiting websites like A.C.E.S. where they explain the various services available and include a great number of project images.

Click Here to see many images of Geothermal Projects.

Click Here to see many images of Solar Projects.

Geothermal systems are more than five times more efficient in heating and more than twice as efficient in cooling. These systems do not burn fossil fuel, but rather transfer heat to and from the earth. The systems are practically maintenance free! 

Solar Photovoltaic panels can be installed on home roofs, on and over decks, or can stand alone.  Even in the cloudiest of climates, this effective renewable resource can cover almost all of your electricity needs!

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