Big Ash is now a participating contractor for the Renewable Heat NY Residential Pellet Stove Incentive Program (NYSERDA)!  NYSERDA's program provides support toward the installed costs of high efficiency, low emission wood heating systems across New York State.  High efficiency, low emission heating systems are a cleaner way to use wood for heat than traditional wood stoves and boilers. Because the stoves are more efficient, they burn less fuel and often save homeowners money!

Incentives are available for the installation of qualified pellet stoves in residences that DO NOT have access to natural gas service through their utility.  Through education, customer support, and infrastructure development, New York State is helping this industry reach scale. 

The NYSERDA initiative includes several individual programs. Homeowners may qualify for $1,500 up to $2,500 towards the installation of a qualified pellet stove!
    * Homeowner automatically qualifies for $1,500 if they DO NOT have access to natural gas AND they have an old stove to recycle.
    * Income Qualified Homeowner receives $2,000 incentive (Does not need to have an old stove to recycle)
    * Income Qualified AND recycling old stove Homeowner receives $2,500

These incentives can help you get that new, efficient heat source you maybe didn't think was possible before the cold season hits!

Big Ash also has 4 different financing options available to their customers, including a 0% APR for 18 months! Stop in for more details!

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