What's your preference?  Granite?  Quartz?  Laminate?  Or a solid surface like Corian?  

You can find any of these at Empire Fabricators!  And since they're the "Countertop Specialists" you know you'll get the right product for your needs.  If you're not sure which choice to go with give Empire Fabricators a call at 595-235-3050 or stop by their showroom and let them know what your needs are and they'll recommend the best product for you.  

And since you're replacing the old countertops why not replace the cabinets?  Empire Fabricators also specializes in cabinetry.  They offer accessories such as sinks, faucets and cabinet hardware too!

Their staff is more than willing to answer your questions and steer you in the direction toward the best match for your needs without being pushy.  

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