An established, local business. That's what you'll find when you check out Tony The Roofer. Established within the Rochester community for 25 years, Tony The Roofer specializes in asphalt shingle roofs. 

Tony The Roofer takes great pride in his work and he puts you, his customer, first on the list for sharing information. Once your contract is signed and a start date is established, it is their practice that the start date be actual. If, by chance, there is a delayed start (because face it, we do live in Rochester), you will be notified 48 hours prior. There will not be any wondering or waiting on the start of your roof. Not only that, but they will work until your roof is complete. You will not receive a "we'll be back next week" speech. It's every day until the job is done. Period. 

IKO. What is it? No, it's not the song from every decade since the 1950's. It's the brand of asphalt roofing shingles that Tony The Roofer uses with a 15/15/Lifetime warranty at no additional charge. What is that? It means that there is a 15 year labor, 15 year up front non-prorated coverage, and a total Lifetime shingle warranty. Even better, it is transferable if you sell your home. 

When you're looking for reliability, trustworthiness, and an amazing warranty, think Tony The Roofer. They have a proven track record of satisfied customers. Contact them to receive a few addresses of homes they have completed. You won't be disappointed! Visit the website and complete the contact us section. Make sure you say you heard about Tony The Roofer on! 
Click on the image below to visit their website:

2117 Buffalo Rd., Rochester NY 14626 
(585) 288-9310