It's been hot, the humidity wicked! Noticing your house is feeling sticky, moisture hanging in the air? That cheap dehumidifier you bought isn't doing anything! Do you know what will? A dehumidifier from Indoor Air Professionals! Why? They will make sure you get the right sized one for your home, and it's so much better quality than those you get at a 'box' store. It can be properly installed with draining into your sump crock or run a line for the water without you having to empty it all the time! The problem when you have to physically empty the bucket is that you don't run the dehumidifier enough or it shuts off when full. Doesn't do much good then!

Indoor Air Professionals recommends and supplies the Aprilaire high-capacity dehumidifiers for long term moisture protection in your home.  Commercial grade, made in the USA, 5 yr warranty and low maintenance, everything important! Do yourself and your home furnishings a favor, call Indoor Air Professionals 585-427-8020 and order Kanberra Gel to remove the odors in your home without  those sickening, smelly, perfume air fresheners! 

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