Have you ever really looked at your homeowner's insurance policy?  If you have you know that the language is like a foreign language, even if you can read and pronounce most of the words do you know what they mean in terms of your benefits?  

Additional Living Expenses (ALE)
All-risk Coverage
Company Adjuster (Staff or Independent)
Constructive Total Loss

It's nearly indecipherable to the non-insurance educated!  Imagine trying to decipher a policy when you are in an emotional upheaval after a tragedy.  You don't need that burden.  Thankfully National Fire Adjustment Co. is able to take the burden for you.  NFA can be of the greatest benefit, if involved from the onset of the claim, assisting the insurance company establish initial reserves for their cash flow purposes, as well as determining the course of action that should be taken in properly measuring all aspects of the claims.

In the event of a tragedy at your home contact National Fire Adjustment Co.  But if you are curious about insurance terms we have provided a link to their glossary:

National Fire Adjustment Co. Glossary of Insurance Terms

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