Sleep Apnea Treatments?  Yes!  The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry provides a customized sleep appliance to people who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea!  If you've been diagnosed with sleep apnea you already know all about it.  Now you need to treat it.  Here is how the folks at The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry help:

"You may have also heard these referred to as a snoring device or a mandibular advancing splint. Our dentists use the MicrO2®. The MicrO2® works by holding the lower jaw forward, thereby maintaining an open, clear airway while you wear it.

The MicrO2® is precisely customized to your teeth and mouth during an appointment at our office. This device is easy to use, comfortable, and completely biocompatible. Snoring will be reduced and you will be able to breathe easy throughout the night.

The first step to finding relief is scheduling a consult with our experienced, caring dentists. To arrange your appointment, please call the Rochester, NY, dental practice of Dr. Paul Sussman and Dr. Meredith Pogal at 585-270-6661."

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324 Greece Ridge Center Drive, Rochester, NY 14626