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Power Line Failure in Barre!

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The Salmon Children’s Foundation
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The Mia Foundation

The Mia Foundation takes in dozens of animals born with deformities with the goal of giving them a chance at a life. 

Many of us are tired of winter and beginning to feel restless.  Why not use that restless energy to do a few things around the home?  Things that won't take long but will go a long ways toward extending the life of some of your investments? 

1. Deep clean your garbage disposal

2. Clean refrigerator coils

3. Set up Water Leak Detectors

4. Rotate your mattress

5. Deep clean your furniture

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Wrongful Death
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Brenna Boyce PLLC Attorneys at Law are there for your legal needs and also for your questions.  Click Here to learn about The weekly Brenna Boyce Law Forum Radio Show on WHAM 1180 which offers their listening audience weekly topics of legal interest and the opportunity to call in with questions related to any topic

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We highly encourage you to familiarize yourself with a business that we aboslutely love.  You'll love them too!  Imagine a business that began sixty years ago, back when gas power lawn mowers were just becoming popular, and is still going strong today!  Brodner Equipment Inc. is that business.  They've grown tremendously.  In fact, they've become the largest Honda Power Equipment and Exmark Commercial Mowing Equipment dealer in New York state.  They've grown so much there are now 2 locations you can visit!  

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Whatever you need...or can be sure that Brodner Equipment is your best place to shop!

3918 Lyell Rd 
Rochester NY 14606 


5600 Transit Rd.

Depew, NY 14043

(716) 800-8873

The Center for Cosmetic & General Dentistry can help you attain great oral health and a better smile!
General Dentistry
Family Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Implants
Dental Implant Candidacy
Implant-Supported Dentures
Reconstructive Implant Dentistry
One Day Implants
Sedation Dentistry
TMJ Dentistry
Sleep Apnea

If you are searching for a new dentist, search no more!  We urge you to visit their website to learn all about Dr. Sussman and Dr. Pogal and their wonderfully helpful dental practice.


34 Buckman Road
Rochester, NY 14615

Types Of Houses: Architectural Home Styles

How many of these home styles are you familiar with?  How many can you identify in your neighborhood?  

Cape Cod   *   Colonial   *   Contemporary   *   Cottage

Craftsman   *   Greek Revival   *   Farmhouse

French Country   *   Mediterranean   *   Midcentury Modern

Ranch   *   Split-Level   *   Tudor   *   Victorian

Which one is one of the most prolific of all American house styles?  With its origins in Spanish Colonial architecture, ranch-style houses are instantly recognizable through their long, ground-hugging profiles and low pitched roofs, and the most prolific.  The ranch house style first began to emerge during the late 1920s, really taking off in terms of popularity from the 1940s through to the 1970s, when it became the go-to style with post-war middle classes offering an attractive, easy and affordable type of house to build.

Coler Natural Insulation Explains The Drafting Effect
"There are a couple of adverse effects of convection heat transfer. As heat naturally rises, it will rise to the ceiling of a room and ultimately the attic. If there is not an air barrier between the living space and attic space, the heat will be drafted into the attic. A well ventilated attic will allow the heat to escape to the great outdoors. A poorly ventilated attic can cause ice damming and extensive structure damage. The problem is that the heat is allowed into the attic space through convection where it can heat the under side of the roof. This creates a draft effect throughout your house which "pulls" cold air in through cracks around your doors, windows, and walls. An air barrier and insulating material can prevent the drafting effect and condensation problems even when applied directly to the underside of the roof eliminating the need for attic ventilation. This has also been approved by the ICC for spray foam insulations." - Coler Natural Insulation

There is an abundance of GREAT information at and we highly encourage you to go take a look.  When you do remember this, insulation does not just help keep the heat in but also helps keep the ac cooled air in as well.  Insulation is not just for winter problems!

Coler Insulation 1194 Scandia Drive Webster, NY 14580

Whether you are looking for preventative maintenance or need a new furnace, A/C system, or air purification system, Crossfield Heating & AIr is the only recommendation we would give you!  

Why only Crossfield Heating & Air?  Because they are Rochester's Trusted Heating & Cooling Experts and have been for Over 25 Years!

Ductless Split Heat Pump - For homes with no ductwork or areas where ductwork isn't practical, a ductless split-system heat pump is the perfect solution.
Boilers - Boilers provide quiet, consistent warmth with innovative technology and energy efficiency.  Crossfield installs the industry's most innovative and dependable boiler manufacturers: Weil-McLain and Navian Combi

Heat Pumps/Dual Fuel Systems - A Heat Pump is an outdoor unit (similar to an air conditioner) that uses the outdoor air to cool your home in the summer and then reverses and heats your home in the winter.
Dual fuel (hybrid) systems combine a heat pump with a gas furnace to provide flexibility and optimize energy use by selecting the best source of fuel.

Furnaces - Crossfield selectively installs the industry's top manufacturers of residential furnaces and heating systems: Trane, Amana and Rudd. 

Crossfield Heating & Air has you covered!!

44 Donovan Street
Webster, NY 14580

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