Are you thinking about planning a special outdoor event for this spring or summer?  Maybe a wedding or family reunion?  It's never too early to begin planning, the earlier you start the less likely you'll forget anything.  As you start your To-Do list you'll quickly jot down the obvious; guest list, invitations, food, etc.  It's the less obvious things that might escape your mind as you plan.  For example, what will you do to ensure your outdoor event isn't ruined by mosquitos?

The Mosquito Authority is the industry leader when it comes to backyard mosquito control. Their proprietary REPEL+PLUS mosquito treatment utilizes integrated mosquito management to break the mosquito life-cycle and prevent the disease carrying pests from making your yard their breeding ground.

You can call The Mosquito Authority at least 48 hours prior to your event (or sooner) and they will treat your outdoor event space.  But make sure you put it on your list so you don't forget!