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The Mia Foundation

The Mia Foundation takes in dozens of animals born with deformities with the goal of giving them a chance at a life. 

Indoor Air Professionals


 Are you aware that up to 40 pounds of dust is created annually in an average home? Air pollutants include dander, dust, and chemicals. These pollutants travel through the HVAC system and re-circulated 5 to 7 times per day.  Over time this causes a build-up in the duct work.

"We utilize the Collom™ Air Duct Cleaning System."

  • The only system specified for use in hospitals, schools, cruise ships and other facilities.
  • Unparalleled performance in thoroughly cleaning ductwork — better than rotating brush and vacuum mounted systems.
  • Collom Air Nozzle scopes through every square inch of entire duct system while our air-tight HEPA vacuum draws out all the contaminants properly.
  • Saves labor and protects integrity of ductwork.

Click on the banner below to visit their website...and don't forget to order some Kanberra Gel while you're there!

It's Time To Return To The Tradition Of A Professional Portrait

Everything cycles.  The new becomes old.  And the old becomes new again.  Those 82,462 photos on your phone?  Wonderful!  But really, don't you miss the old tradition of having a framed professional portrait hanging on your wall?

Have a professional portrait done by Bruce and Associates and hang it on your wall where you can see it and appreciate it always.

We know just who you should contact for the best portrait you could ever imagine getting...

Click on the banner above to visit their website.  Or contact Bruce at:

Phone: 585-589-9109
Text: 585-589-9114


Why Contact National Fire Adjustment Company?

In the event of a fire or natural disaster will you be able to converse with your insurance company about your policy?  Will you understand the details?  Will you feel as though you are being represented in your best interest?  If you are not comfortable handling a task like that, especially in a time of upheaval and tragedy, turn to National Fire Adjustment Co.  They know exactly what to do, what to say, what is required to make sure you are compensated as you should be.

Click on the banner below to visit their website!

371 White Spruce Boulevard 
Rochester, NY 14623 

Jag Construction - Air Leak Sealing

A thermal imaging camera identifies patterns of heat loss that are invisible to the naked eye.  Discover where to make upgrades in order to improve your energy efficiency! A thermal camera is capable of identifying:

Air Infiltration
Radiant Transfer
Moisture Accumulation
Air Intrusion
Convection Loops

The thermal camera will display in color the temperatures of surfaces and Jag Construction will capture the image and illustrate the results in a report.

Contacting Jag Construction to schedule your inspection will help you determine exactly where heat (or cooled air) loss is so you can focus on the target areas instead of the entire structure saving you money!


G & G Window Repair is Your Alternative to Window Replacements

Why replace what you can fix at a much lower cost?  Are you afraid that when it's all said and done the workmanship won't meet your expectations?  Well, we are happy to introduce you to a company that will repair your existing windows and you will be satisfied beyond your expectations!

G & G Window Repair has been in business for 17 years.  Whether you need broken parts repaired or replaced, glass replaced, or sills rebuilt, G & G Window Repair can do it all and you will be able to keep your existing windows!  You'll save money and you'll love the finished product!


6710 W Henrietta Road
Rush, N.Y.  14543

Empire Kitchen & Bath For New Countertops or a Whole New Kitchen!

Your first step to new countertops is to click on the banner above to visit the website of the people that will make it happen in the best way possible.  Empire Kitchen & Bath offers a full range of beautiful laminates, solid surfaces, Granites and Quartz, which are all custom fabricated at their state of the art facility.  

Maybe you're planning to take it a step entire new custom kitchen! Empire Kitchen & Bath can certainly help with that too.  They have over 20 years of business experience with providing expert quality service, detailed designs, and industry-advanced remodeling, for all types of kitchens and layouts.

Empire Kitchen & Bath is your one-stop shop for kitchen and bath remodeling, from the design phase to completion!


95 Saginaw Drive
Rochester, NY 14623

Digital Home Creations For Outdoor Sound!

Click on the banner below and you'll visit the website of Digital Home Creationswhere you'll find all the best home theater and home automation systems to make your summer better than you could have hoped for!

Digital Home Creations recognizes that speakers are the most important part of any home stereo/theater system, and that many customers desire a higher quality speaker than finances initially allow. Their trade-up program permits customers to upgrade in steps to the speakers they ultimately wish to own.  Now that's the way to do it!!

Contact then to schedule your James Loudspeaker Landscape System install now!

Located in Webster N.Y.
Telephone: 585-576-7070
Monday-Friday: 8:00a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

Gutterglove is the Answer!

Falling leaves and heavy rain can cause heavy build-up and clogs in your gutter system.  If you ignore this it can lead to long term and costly damage.  But let's face it, how high is gutter cleaning on your list of things to do?  Like the rest of us, probably not very close to the top!  

Let's solve this catch 22.  Gutterglove.

Gutterglove prevents rain gutter clogs forever.  They fit on any gutter type and any roof type.  And, they're barely visible from the ground. Gutterglove is the answer.

Visit today to get the process started so you can forget gutter cleaning forever!

106 Craig St. 
Rochester, NY 14611

Harman Hardwood Flooring Has More Styles Than You Can Imagine!

How beautiful is that floor?!  Most of us would love a floor like that from Harman Hardwood Flooring but if that's not your style don't worry...Harman Hardwood Flooring has so many options you wouldn't believe it!

Harman Hardwood Flooring Company offers the finest quality hardwood flooring products for residential homes as well as commercial applications.  Just click on the banner below and get the process started so you can have the hardwood floor of your dreams!

29 Hebard St.
Rochester, NY 14605 
Phone: 585-546-1221

Mission Access Gives Life Back

Who is Mission Access?  Mission Access is a company everyone should be familiar with.  They can truly make a difference in the life of anyone with loss of mobility.  

Mission Access helps to give life back again.

215 Mushroom Blvd. Bldg #18

Rochester, N.Y. 14623


It's Going To Get Hot...Call Crossfield Heating & Air!

Whether you are looking for preventative maintenance or need a new furnace, A/C system, or air purification system, Crossfield Heating & Air Conditioningshould be your go to company!  It's going to get hot, it may be a short season here in Western New York, but that doesn't take away from the fact that hot weather can make us incredibly uncomfortable.  

If you are interested in central air,

or perhaps you need a ductless split air conditioning system,

Crossfield will make your hot summer nice and comfortable!

44 Donovan Street
Webster, NY 14580

Commit to Comfort Windows for Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are a significant investment, and one with the potential to pay you back in increased comfort, energy savings, and home value. So it’s critical to choose a high-quality product from a company with a stellar track record of customer service. - Comfort Windows Website

We couldn't have said it any better.  So we didn't try!  But we agree wholeheartedly.  Replacement windows do have the potential to pay you back BUT only if you choose a company like Comfort Windows.

How beautiful are these windows?!

If this is the year you've commited to replacement windows...commit to Comfort Windows.

1380 Scottsville Rd
Rochester, New York 14624 
Phone: 585-235-7839

Vital Signs - Mobile Advertising and Signage

Click on the banner above and you will be taken to the Vital Signs website where you'll be introduced to the area's premier sign business!  

What do they do?  They specialize in mobile advertising and signage solutions, including: vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, vinyl decals and lettering. But that's not all!  They also install architectural and retail graphics to walls, floors, windows, exterior store displays, service stations, etc.

Vital Signs has grown, since conception in 2005, to employ 10 employees, a recently expanded professional office space and design studio that includes a sign fabrication shop and 2 installation bays for vehicle graphic installs. The company retains the highest industry credential for vehicle wrap installations – 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company – and owner Josh Palmer is also personally 3M Certified, undergoing training at 3M for vehicle wraps, which places Palmer and Vital Signs in a higher caliber of vehicle graphics installation companies than most other local sign shops.

We tell you time and time again...we wouldn't recommend someone we don't use ourselves...check out Jim's truck below:

Your Sign Experts • Vehicle Wrap Pros

Shop location:
764 Ridge Rd, Webster, NY 14580
Phone: (585) 787-4256
Fax: (585) 347-4290

Mosquito Victory Saves The Summer!

Yes.  It's true.  You can control mosquitoes and ticks.  You can enjoy all your free time in the comfort of your own backyard all summer long...even at dusk and after dark when your neighbors are chased inside by buzzing and biting mosquitoes! 

 All it takes is one call to Mosquito Victory.


For more information visit their website here.

Serving: Rochester, Gates Center, North Gates Chili Center, Greece, Irondequoit, Brighton, East Rochester, Pittsford, Henrietta, NY and the surrounding areas! 
You can take our word for it or you can spend hours of sun and warmth inside!



Patio and Sidewalk Maintenance...Call John Welch Today! 585-924-4488

Patio and Sidewalk Maintenance
Patio and Paver Maintenance
Most people are familiar with the idea that stone pavers must be laid on top of a layer of sand. Ideally, this sand should be coarse and granular. When compacted, the edges will grind together, “locking” the layer of sand in place which helps to prevent erosion or movement. Concrete sand works very well, however, mason sand is sometimes used instead.
Neither of these  types of sand , however, is the best fit for filling in paver joints. A loose-fill sand will wash away over time. Because of this, polymeric sand for paver joints was developed to hold its form and to keep everything in place.
Polymeric sand and the benefits
Polymeric sand is simply a granular sand material that is placed within the cracks and joints between stone pavers as a means of interlocking the units and preserving the beauty and integrity of the pavers.
A water-activated polymer is introduced to the sand. After applying the material to the paved surface, the sand is sprayed down with water which causes the polymers to harden. This then secures the sand in place. Polymeric sand is so durable that it can actually be power washed, with care.
Let John Welch Enterprise take care of all your sidewalk and patio needs.
John Welch Enterprise can take care of your patio maintenance for you. Call today to get your quote!

Water in Your Basement? Contact Waters Basement Services.

Many people notice water coming in on the floor where the basement wall and floor meet.  The very knowledgeable folks at Waters Basement Services say this is because your drain tile has become clogged and can no longer accept water.   So what do you do?

We suggest you visit Waters Basement Services and read a very informative article they've written about the subject.  In fact, they offer a generous number of informational articles on their website. 

Waters Basement Services has a long list of Services they provide:

Wall Crack Repair
Trench Drain
Reinforcer (Bowed/Cracked Walls)
Basement Painting
Waterproof Basement Wall Panels
Crawlspace Encapsulation
Stone Foundation and Structural Repair
Drain Tile/French Drain Installation
Window Wells & Topsoil
Sump Pump Installation
Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot
Bilco Doors/Gordon Doors
Basement Debris Removal
Rim Joist Spray Insulation
Egress Windows
Basement Finishing

Buffalo (716) 474-3898
Rochester (585) 765-3369