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Keep Those Beautiful Well Made Windows with Repairs from G & G Window Repair

Old windows were built of higher-grade wood than what is available today, and were designed to be endlessly rebuilt. So why replace when G & G Window Repair can repair them and you can maintain the beauty and integrity of those wonderful old windows!!

G&G Window Repair will restore your windows to their former glory without the high cost of full replacements.

G & G Window Repair has been in business for 17 years. We trust them and we promise you can too!

6710 W Henrietta Road
Rush, N.Y.  14543

Empire Kitchen & Bath Gives You The Dream Kitchen You Always Wanted!

Empire Kitchen & Bath offers semi-custom to full custom cabinets, and they have a full showroom just waiting for you to explore!  To find out more about Empire Kitchen & Bath click on the banner at the top of this article to visit their website.  

Just look at this!!  Go ahead, start imagining your kitchen!!

Empire Kitchen & Bath can make your kitchen a true masterpiece, all you have to do is contact them!!

95 Saginaw Drive
Rochester, NY 14623

Outdoor Entertainment Systems and Intelligent Lighting Systems from Digital Home Creations!

What is that?  That is the James Outdoor Landscape Speaker!  The season of relaxing outdoors is far from over, upgrade...improve...enjoy...with systems from Digital Home Creations!  You can add music, video, and a lighting control system...or all three!  Contact Digital Home Creations to find out how soon they can improve your outdoor entertainment!

Along with outdoor entertainment systems we just love this:

Illuminating your property with intelligent lighting systems has never been more important or manageable.
Specially tailored systems can help you adjust the atmosphere of any room in your home to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or even the end of a hard work week, smoothing out all the wrinkles of your everyday life. If you want bright lights for cooking your favorite holiday meal or dim lights for early morning risers, lighting controls provide the perfect light for any activity. Whether you are entertaining family and friends, reading by the fire, or arriving home late at night, the rooms in your home will glow with the perfect light. Intelligent lighting ensures a safe and secure household by connecting with your security system to immediately turn on lights if suspicious motion is detected. Energy efficient automated lighting control systems can also conserve valuable energy and save resources, since they are designed to turn on and off only when wanted or necessary.

Doesn't that sound fantastic??  CLICK HERE to learn more about intelligent lighting systems and motorized window coverings! 

Located in Webster N.Y.
Telephone: 585-576-7070
Monday-Friday: 8:00a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

It's NOT To Late To Install Air Conditioning!!

You're thinking it's too late in the season to add air conditioning to your home.  That's just silly!  If you add air conditioning now you'll be cooler and more comfortable the rest of this season and for years to come!  Click on the banner above to visit the website of our very favorite Heating & Air Conditioning Company...Crossfield!

Crossfield selectively installs the industry's top manufacturer of residential central air and air conditioning systems: Trane. Trane has proven their long-standing quality, performance, dependability and energy efficiency that you rely on.

For those of you with no ductwork, Do Not Worry, a ductless split system air conditioner is the perfect solution. And, since no ductwork is required, installation is fast with no costly remodeling expenses!

What are you waiting for?!

Contact Crossfield Heating & Air Conditioning NOW!!


44 Donovan Street
Webster, NY 14580

Be Rid of Pests Once And For All! Contact RCD Exterminating Inc.

You don't have to put up with ants sharing your home.  RCD Pest & Bug management services are your first line of defense and the answer to gaining control of your home!  We'll make it easy for you...CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEBSITE.  There's just no point in fighting an ant "infestation" for days and days, call RCD Exterminating Inc. and be rid of them immediately and once and for all!

Here is what RCD says about taking control and saying good-bye to pests:

"They are more than just a nuisance, left un-checked they can become a threat to your property and even potentially your health. RCD Pest & Bug management services are your first line of defense and the answer to gaining control around your home.

Our environmentally safe, pet-friendly applications deal with not only the extermination of pests & bugs now, but also helps prevent unwanted pests & bugs later. The key is a combination of industry leading technology, our extensive knowledge and a sound pest control strategy that is tailored to your home’s specific needs.

Fill out our on-line form and you are just a “Click Away” from taking control of your home, or call us anytime 24/7/365 at… 585-453-9748 and an RCD representative will be more than happy to schedule your free inspection and consultation."

RCD * 175 St. Johns Drive * Rochester, NY 14626 

Ray Sands Glass - So Much More Than Auto Glass!

All you have to do is click on the logo above and you'll be able to learn all aboutRay Sands Glass.  We'll give you some highlights now but be sure to click on that banner after!

Energy-efficient replacement windows and doors
Window and door screens
Storm windows
Garage door windows
Shower doors with clear or patterned safety glass
Mirrors – Standard or custom to your specs
Glass furniture, tabletops, stair rails, handrails
Home staging and rapid reselling

(585) 889-2876
3315 Chili Ave
Rochester, NY 14624 

For Truly Professional Portraits Contact Photos by Bruce & Associates!

Photos by Bruce & Associates is a fun and friendly photo studio located in a beautiful country setting on historic Ridge Road, Route 104 north of Albion New York. 

Photos by Bruce and Associates
13382 Ridge Road West
Albion, New York 14411

Phone: voice 585-589-9109
Text: 585-589-9114

There are many occasions that deserves better than a picture from your phone camera.  These are the times that we highly recommend you contact Photos by Bruce & Associates.  You won't be disappointed!  Bruce Landis is a Certified Professional Photographer and Professional Photographers of America Craftsman Photographer. 

Orleans County Residents: You Need To Know About Frontier!

If you live in Orleans County you need to know about Frontier Heating & AC Service !  For heating and cooling services we highly recommend our Orleans County friends print this out and keep it handy, you never know when you'll need one of these services and it's always better to be prepared with a highly recommended contractor.

115 E. Bank St. Albion, NY 14411 
Telephone: 585-589-2525

Heating Service
Heating Repair
Heating Installation
Heating System Replacement
Oil Gas Conversion
Heating Maintenance
Heating Tune Up

Water Heater Installation
Water Heater Repair

Ductless Repair
Ductless AC and Heat Pump Installation
Ductless AC Service
Ductless AC Repair
Ductless AC Replacement
Ductless Heating Service
Ductless Heating Installation
Ductless Heating Repair
Ductless Heating Replacement
Mini Split System

Indoor Air Quality
Heat Pump
Heat Pump Installation
Heat Pump Maintenance
Heat Pump Repair
Heat Pump Replacement
Heat Pump Service
Heat Pump Tune Up

Steam and Water Boiler Installation
Steam and Water Boiler Repair
Steam and Water Boiler Maintenance

Invisible Fence Brand - It's Time to Give Your Pet the Gift of Freedom

Click on the banner above to visit their website!  Invisible Fence Brand systems feature exclusive technology that works together to give your pet more freedom. What pet owner doesn't want to give their pet more freedom?  And certainly, all pets want more freedom!!  

Don't show that picture to your pet unless you plan to give your pet the same luxuries...or are prepared to explain why you're not!  Actually, it would be impossible to come up with an explanation for not installing Invisible Fence Brand systems.

Award-winning and exclusive technology.  Recently awarded as a Consumers Digest Best Buy and available only from Invisible Fence® Brand — the original innovators of dog fences for more than 45 years.  It's time for you to call Invisible Fence Brand and give your pet (and you) more freedom!

720 Westfall Road * Rochester, NY 14620 

Everblak Asphalt Services

      To visit their website simply click on the banner above!

                  Asphalt Repair & Maintenance

                  Asphalt Paving & Resurfacing

                  Asphalt Crack-Filling & Sealcoating

Everblak stands behind every job, big and small, with one of the best guarantees in the business!  


For those interested in paving a previously unpaved driveway (or parking lot) we highly recommend Everblak.  Our office driveway/parking lot is a testiment to their expertise, they did a fantastic job, the end result was way above and beyond what we imagined it would look like.  

Click on the image below to enlarge it.

Everblak, Inc.
955 Buffalo Rd., Suite 7
Rochester NY 14624
Telephone: 585-270-1881

Contact National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc. in the Event of a Loss

Click on the banner above to visit their website!  National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc. is an amazing company that can be a true blessing in the event of a tragedy.  NFA advocates for the rights of the policyholder in estimating and negotiating an insurance claim, in order to assist clients, in maximizing their insurance policy to receive a higher settlement offer.

In the event that you, or someone close to you, experiences a tragedy, the best thing you can do is call 585-272-8220 and speak to someone from National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc.  Residential claims include those who own a single or multi-family home, live in a condo unit or are renting an apartment.  Contact them immediately in the event of a loss of your residence.

371 White Spruce Boulevard 
Rochester, NY 14623 

Vekton Corporation for Vinyl Siding!!

Why Vekton Corporation?

Nationally Certified
National Top 200 Exterior Contractor
National Top 500 Remodeler
Financing Available
Free Home Evaluation
Over 14,000 Satisified Customers, References Available highly recommends Vekton Corporation if you are considering vinyl siding for your home!  Vinyl siding is nearly maintenance free, comes in a variety of colors and styles to allow you to truly customize the look of your home.  And the folks at Vekton?  They're the best!  They are extremely experienced, extremely reliable, extremely professional!

This image is from their gallery on their website.  They do amazing work!

1829 Penfield Road
Rochester NY 14526
Phone: (585) 248-3240

Save The Rest of Summer - Call Mosquito Victory!

It's not too late!  Don't lose the rest of your summer by being chased inside by mosquitoes!  Call Mosquito Victory and enjoy the remaining days of summer!

It's hard to believe that it's possible to be Mosquito free but you'll just have to trust us...and trust Mosquito REALLY works!  Their treatment process focuses on the places mosquitoes live: trees, shrubs, and ornamental landscaping in your yard. This careful targeting doesn't just kill mosquitoes that are present during treatment; it also establishes a protective barrier to wipe out any other mosquitoes entering your yard from neighboring properties.

Serving: Rochester, Gates Center, North Gates Chili Center, Greece, Irondequoit, Brighton, East Rochester, Pittsford, Henrietta, NY and the surrounding areas! 
585-466-4BUG (4284)

Mission Access For Dignity and Independence

Mission Access helps regain dignity and independence to navigate life on your own terms. 

From grab bars to beautiful new bathrooms, stair lifts to custom fit ramps, ceiling track lifts to elevators, Mission Access can make your home the way you need it to be.

Mission Access

215 Mushroom Blvd. Bldg #18

Rochester, N.Y. 14623


John Welch Ent. Will Take Care of Your Lawn Mowing So You Can Take it Easy!

Tired of mowing yet?  John Welch Enterprise has served Victor and the surrounding areas for residential and commercial lawn mowing for over 15 years.  Call them today at 585-924-4488 for a free estimate and let them keep your lawn beautiful for the season. Click on the banner above to visit their website before you call because you might just find other services you want to talk to them about!

Drainage Solutions * Hardscaping * Irrigation * Landscaping * Water Features * Low Voltage Lighting *Topsoil and Mulch Delivery

Think about it, maybe when you call John Welch Enterprise you should talk about a new backyard too?! 

1723 State Route 444 
Victor, NY 14564-9331 
Telephone: 585-924-4488 

Mr. Septic - Septic Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Most people don't have their septic pumped until they run in to problems.  Let's face it, it's not something we think about on a regular basis!  However, you don't want to forget about it completely and be one of the many who end up with problems.  And doesn't it seem the problems always occur at the worst times?  Don't let that happen.  Call Mr. Septic and have your septic tank pumped before you run in to problems.


Mr. Septic is fully insured and offers services for both residential and commercial. 

 Codey & Lindsey States
130 West Avenue
Albion, NY 14411

Just because they are located in Albion that doesn't mean they won't come your way...give them a call!!


Jag Construction Spray Foam Insulation

Jag Construction specializes in Spray Foam Insulation.  You may be wondering why we're not waiting to talk about Spray Foam Insulation until winter.  Here's the reason...because Spray Foam Insulation saves you money on heating AND cooling.  Doesn't it make sense to start saving money just as soon as you can?  And this way you'll head in to the heating season with the job all done!

Spray foam is a two-part mixture of liquid components that expand rapidly on contact forming solid foam that completely fills all cracks and spaces leaving an airtight seal.  Which saves you in heating and cooling costs!!

Click on either of the Jag logos above to visit their website!  Or call the number below:


Vital Signs is Rochester's Most Skilled 3M Certified Vehicle Wrap Company


Rochester's Most Skilled - Most Recommended 3M Certified Vehicle Wrap Company

Experience.  Creativity.  Perfection.  We're talking about Vital Signs!  Why would you go anywhere else??

Vital Signs provides marketing solutions which include: vinyl vehicle, truck, boat and trailer wraps, vinyl vehicle graphics and lettering, interior and exterior signs, stickers, wall graphics, floor graphics, pop-up trade show displays, yard signs, and logo design and corporate branding solutions.

You've likely seen our pictures of Jim's truck but if you haven't:

Vital Signs did an amazing job on Jim's truck.  Give them a call and start reaching the customers you need to effectively grow your business!


764 Ridge Road
Webster, NY 14580

Tillman's Village Inn - Our Favorite Place to Eat!!

Open 7 Days a Week
Serving Lunch & Dinner

11:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Sunday Brunch
10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Sunday Early Birds
12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Full Menu & Light Lunch Menu
12:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m.

Phone: 585-589-9151

Tillman's Village Inn is an award-winning restaurant that has earned top marks from food critics, as well as a USA Beef Council award for menu excellence. 

14369 Ridge Road  *  Albion, NY 14411  *  585-589-9151

Is a Metal Roof in Your Future? The Metal Roof Outlet is the BEST!!

You can click on the banner above to visit their website or you can call 585-703-4982.  Either way, if a metal roof is something you are considering you definitely need to contact the best...The Metal Roof Outlet!  Rochester’s #1 Metal Roofing Company Since 1998!

If you are on the fence about a metal roof vs an asphalt roof maybe this will help...

A metal roof will not decompose. 

Metal roofs come in a wide variety of styles that look just like typical roofing styles including cedar shake, slate, tile, shingle, and standing seam vertical panels. 

 A metal roof can often be installed over your current roof, without tearing off what’s already there.

 A metal roof will save you money over time, most metal roofs come with a true 30 to 50 year warranty.

Of course there are many more convincing reasons to choose a metal roof.  Be sure to visit The Metal Roof Outlet's website!!

1513 Empire Blvd 
Webster, NY, 14580 

Rochester Window Cleaning - 585-235-1200

Wish you didn't have to wash the windows?  You don't.  Rochester Window Cleaners will do it for you.  All residentials get the same service – from city to the suburbs, once a year to every month. Having an event or a party?  Give them a call!  585-235-1200

Perhaps you've already cleaned the windows but you need other difficult jobs done?  The great folks at Rochester Window Cleaning do many other jobs too:

Install light bulbs and smoke detectors
Dust rafters
Re-caulk and seal atrium windows
Pressure washing
Gutter cleaning
Specialty cleaning of chandeliers

So you see, Rochester Window Cleaning can give you a lot of assistance all you have to do is call them!


Rochester Bath and Kitchen Remodeling Transforms Your Rooms!

Click on the logo above and visit their website.  

Rochester Bath and Kitchen Remodeling has been a leader in Rochester, NY, for years because of their custom, detail-oriented work and commitment to customer satisfaction. The experienced folks at Rochester Bath and Kitchen Remodeling helps you through every stage of the remodel process. 

Let's face it, the two rooms that, when remodeled, increase your home's value the most are the kitchen and the bathroom.  Not to mention, they are the two rooms that most homeowners want remodeled!  A kitchen or bathroom remodel is a win-win all the way around!  As long as you use Rochester Bath and Kitchen that is...a remodel with a less experienced contractor could be a nightmare!

Choose Rochester Bath and Kitchen!

180 Despatch Dr. * E. Rochester, NY 14445



A Visit to ReHouse Architectural Salvage is a Must!

This amazing architectural Salvage store features over 16,000 square feet of display space filled with quality items both modern and historical.  Whether you want to get a great buy, find a unique item, or save the planet, there is bound to be something for you!  

This is one of those places you go to once and you realize you need to keep going back...their inventory changes all the time and there is always something you'll need, want or just have to have!


469 W Ridge Rd. 
Rochester, NY
Parking behind the store, drive in on either side of the building.


9 to 7 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 
9 to 6 Saturday
Closed on Sunday

Resurfacing by Miracle Method


Go from dull, dated, boring colors to a modern color scheme in about 2 days – and save thousands over the cost of replacement. 

Bathtub refinishing
Countertop refinishing
Ceramic tile refinishing
Shower refinishing
Floor refinishing
Bathroom safety
Surface and fiberglass repair

Miracle Method is Rochester, New York's most preferred refinisher because of their high level of customer satisfaction, superior products, and amazing reputation.

645 Ling Road
Rochester, N.Y. 14612

John Welch Creates Award Worthy Patios!

John Welch Enterprise, Inc. services Victor, Farmington, Honeoye Falls, Fairport, Perinton, Pittsford, Rochester, and Surrounding areas.

1723 State Route 444 
Victor, NY 14564-9331 
Telephone: 585-924-4488


Customize Your Outdoor Rec Area With One of a Kind Items from Industrial Rustic!

There is a lot of summer left, don't let it go by without maximizing your recreation time with an awesome firepit from Industrial Rustic a.k.a. Rustic Metalhead!!

The best summer memories are of hanging out with friends and family around the firepit (smores help!).  You could go to a big box store and buy a cheap one like everyone else's...or you could contact Jim Tucker and have one made that is exactly what you want.   Jim specializes in steel frame and reclaimed barn wood custom furniture as well as metal custom signs, fire pits and other unique items.  He is truly an artist!  

While you're ordering your new custom made firepit don't forget to add some custom decorations to really make your outdoor area one of a kind!

Just click on the logo below and visit Jim's Etsy Shop!


Are You Ready to get a Whole House Generator from Home Power Systems?

Think you can't afford a whole house generator?  Maybe you can...

'Generac not only offers you products that protect you during the next power outage but financial security as well. By choosing from several flexible financing options through Home Power Systems, you can now prepare for the next power outage while keeping your lines of credit free for other needs.  Our program offers you flexible financing options with the ability to buy now and pay overtime*. It is quick, safe, and simple to apply for financing, and you will receive a response within minutes.   So don’t delay. You can complete your installation now rather than later. Selecting the right professional dealer with an attractive same-as-cash payment option makes your decision easier. Have a question? Call 877-421-0203.'  To learn more about financing CLICK HERE.

That beautiful whole house generator could be at your home ready to protect you from power outages.

Click on either of the company logos to visit their website!

1127 Corporate Drive East
Farmington, NY 14425
Phone: 585-421-0203




Superior Plus Energy Services - This Great Offer Ends July 31st!!

The image above is black and white but if you click on it you'll see green...because Superior Plus will save you money!!  Superior Plus Energy Services is running a fantastic special until July 31, 2019 so hurry and make the change to Superior Plus Energy Services!!


*Offer expires July 31, 2019. Offer available exclusively to new customers who (i) purchase a minimum of 300 gallons of propane from Superior Plus Propane (“Superior”); (ii) enter into a tank rental agreement with Superior; and (iii) sign up for the automatic delivery program. Subject to credit approval. Offer subject to change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or discount. Other conditions apply.

Try Genesee Valley Motor's Fuel Calculator!


Every now and then we all sit down and go over the budget to see where we can shave the expenses a bit.  Genesee Valley Motors has given us a great tool to help do that.  Check out Genesee Valley Motors Fuel Calculator here!  If you are already in the market for a new vehicle this tool is extremely helpful.  Even if you're not, once you see the savings you'll accumulate you just might decide it's time for a new COST EFFICIENT vehicle from Genesee Valley Motors.

We promise you, you won't go wrong when you research, and shop, from our very favorite car dealer....


1695 Interstate Drive             Avon, NY 14414            Telephone: 585-226-6000

It's Time To Get a Log Load Delivery From Dugan Creek Lumber!

Where are you getting your wood for your summer campfires?  Are you buying it by the arm full?  That's fine for a one campfire occasion but when you are really serious about spending the season with friends and family by the campfire you need to think big.  Dugan Creek Lumber kind of big!!  Dugan Creek Lumberdelivers log loads.  What does that mean?  That means you can stop spending all that money on arm fulls of firewood and you'll won't likely run out until a whole lot of fun has been had!

They delivered to Jim and they can deliver to you too.  Just give them a call at 585-226-6494.

276 River Road 
Caledonia, NY 14543 

Schedule Your Consultation at The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry!

Don't put off going to the dentist any longer!  The Center for Cosmetic Dentistryhas an understanding staff that takes the time to understand your needs and develop a well-rounded treatment plan.  Dr. Paul Sussman and Dr. Meredith Pogal have been providing patients throughout Upstate New York with quality solutions for maintaining dental health and achieving better smiles.  It's time to stop putting off going to the dentist, The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is just waiting for your call!  You could also click on the banner above and visit their website, learn more about them, and schedule a consultation!



324 Greece Ridge Center Drive
Rochester, NY 14626

Make it Shine at Buckmans Car Wash!

Click on the banner above and you'll be taken to the website of the Very Best Car Wash ever!  Buckmans Car Wash truly is the best.  When you visit their website you'll see their history, their locations and hours, their services, many gift book choices and so much more!

34 North Winton Road Rochester 14610 585-442-4468 

6273 Brockport-Spencerport Road Brockport 14420 585-637-5595 

2234 Chili Avenue Rochester 14624  585-247-1727 

Ridge Road West and Long Pond Road Rochester 14626 585-723-1540 

40 Nichols Street Spencerport 14559 585-349-1795

Here is a gift idea for those car lovers in your family...A Buckmans Unlimited Car Wash Club Membership!  This will give your gift recipient  the ultimate in convenience, they can wash their car unlimited days per month, up to once per day.  Best Gift Ever from the Best Car Wash Ever!

Make it shine...




Brodner Equipment has everything you need to tackle the task of outdoor home maintenance!  


And they have everything you want so you can enjoy the rest of the day!


Brodner Equipment Inc. is family owned and operated and has been serving Bergen, Brockport, Churchville, Gates, Greece, Hamlin, Henrietta, Hilton, Spencerport, Rochester and many other communities of Upstate New York for over 50 years.  To visit their website just click on the banner above!!


Brenna Boyce PLLC is the best there is!!