Last week (article below) we showed you the first picture, and while we had some great guesses we did not receive the correct answer, so this week we are adding another picture.  Go to the Contact Us section at and let us know your guess, you just might win the awesome Flafster Kitchen salt & pepper grinder (picture of the prize below). 

Tune in to The Home Repair Clinic Saturday between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. and Jim just might give a new verbal clue!

So here it is, last weeks image and the new image of the 'mystery' picture.

This awesome salt & pepper grinder goes to the very first person to go to the Contact Us section at and correctly identifies the image in the 'mystery' picture.  

We will add a more detailed image each week if no correct answer is given.

This is not your ordinary salt & pepper "shaker"!  The Flafster Salt & Pepper Grinder not only looks beautiful, but it is battery operated and will bring 'class' to your dinner table!  Be sure to get your guess in right away but, if someone beats you to the correct answer...don't can still get your amazing salt & pepper grinder, and many other wonderful items at Flafster Kitchen.  When ordering use code "homerepair20" for 20% off!!!

And finally...the 'mystery' picture...ready...set...guess!!!