You've seen the ads, you've heard the ads. Small print you can't read without a magnifying glass. Radio & TV ads with a disclaimer rattled off so fast no one can understand the words. Do you think these are reputable ways of doing business? Do they gain your trust? I didn't think so. You're smarter than falling for these gimmicks.

Genesee Valley Motors doesn't do any of this. They tell you in plain understandable English how they do business. They don't try to 'get something' past you in hopes you don't notice. Please. They tell you what the price of the vehicle is straight out. No hidden fees, no games. See their newest ad - it explains a lot!

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Exit 10 off Route 390, 

1695 Interstate Drive
Avon, NY 14414
585-226-6000 OR FORD LOCATION 585-226-2600