Replace or Repair your Home Windows ? how do you know?                                             

Huge heating bills? More often than not it’s because your home has windows that no longer perform efficiently. It will also impact your cooling bills in the summer months!


New windows can be a huge investment.

Do your window look gray, dirty or wet inside (seal failure)? Are they "drafty", look worn out, and are just a real pain to operate? You’re probably thinking it’s time for new windows! That's one expensive mistake many homeowners make. Before you start “window shopping”, you should know what can be done to fix the windows you have now, to make them more energy-efficient at a much lower price tag.

Simpler and significantly less expensive solutions can have the same impact.

 Does the glass look gray, grungy or wet on the inside?
 Does air rush in or out through gaps?
 Is there cracked or broken glass?
 Is there broken hardware?
 Do you have windows that won’t open or won’t stay open?

These are the usually fixable issues! 

Nevertheless, how do you know what the best value is for your home... and your bank account?

Should I Repair or Replace?

We can help you with a FREE assessment. We are a trusted, local company with a long history of honest and experienced professionals. Ray Sands Glass will evaluate your windows for repairs and along with a free estimate, provide a recommendation to repair or replace your windows.

Find out what is best for your home. Call Ray Sands Glass today to schedule your free assessment and we will help you figure it out.
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