Reach back in to your memory and let yourself remember the feeling of being a part of a professional portrait sitting.  Remember how special you felt?  Like the rich and famous!  Now fast forward a few years and think about that feeling when a portrait on the wall caught your attention.  How you strolled closer and for just a minute you were back there.  Remember the joyful feeling of nostalgia?  Now fast forward to the present.  Think about how every time someone wants to show you a picture they pull out their phone and scroll, and scroll, and scroll and they end up showing you a dozen pictures of their recent projects, the bird at the window, a shirt they may or may not buy.  And maybe, they find the picture they were looking for.  And maybe you haven't completely zoned out in frustration or boredom yet.

It's just not the same.

Give your children, your grandchildren, your whole family the gift of a professional portrait they can hang on the wall!

Photos by Bruce and Associates
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