How much are you spending for water filtration systems? Yes, s-y-s-t-e-m-s. One for your sink, one for your water bottle, one for each family member's water bottle... 
There is a lot of spending being done, along with wasted time remembering and replacing. I've got the perfect solution for you! The AquaSource Group. Their technicians solve water quality problems. They have the expertise to solve these problems effectively, efficiently and economically. 

A Reverse Osmosis System from AquaSource guarantees delicious purified water that you know is safe. It is one of the greatest technological breakthroughs because it processes water at a molecular level. 

Healthier water begins with a call to AquaSource. Call (585) 229-2500. Or visit their website, by clicking on the banner below: 


The AquaSource Group

8960 Main StreetHoneoye NY 14471