We are finally in the home stretch in saying goodbye to Winter! With that said, many of us just can't wait to get outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun. We are not alone on this one; our four legged friends feel the same way. Their sense of adventure comes through with the many scents and smells of Spring. So make sure that adventure keeps them safe and secure in your backyard. Have a professionally installed fencing system by Invisible Fencing of Upstate New York. 

They offer many solutions which guarantees you will find the perfect one for your home. If underground wires are not your thing, consider the GPS 2.0. This system is wire free and determines the boundaries via GPS service and your computer. No matter what the dimensions are that you have in mind, the GPS 2.0 can keep your four legged friends safe within your selected area. You will never have to worry about broken wires again. 

Invisible Fencing also offers indoor fencing. Are you tired of trying to keep your pets off your new furniture or counters? This is the option for you. You can create the areas you want to be considered a "pet-free" zone. Most importantly, it works in companion with your outside system too. 

Just when you think it can't get any better, how about a Doorman Electronic Pet Door. It happens to all of us, we get so busy that we forget all about potty breaks. Invisible Fencing has a solution for this too. They can install an electronic pet door that will give your dogs or cats the ability to go outside when they need to. This door is fully customized for safety. The door will lock once your pet is inside. You also have the ability to program when it stays locked too. The customized Doorman Electronic Pet Door is made with high grade insulation and will maintain the beauty of your door. 

It just makes sense to have a fencing system installed by the professional at Invisible Fencing of Upstate New York. Knowing that each system is compatible with each other just makes sense. Once your system is installed, you will receive a fully guided tour of how your system operates and they won't leave until you are fully satisfied. Give your four legged friends the ability to explore and enjoy the outdoors safely and securely. Believe me, you will find comfort knowing they are protected and will return home to you!


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