When the Salmon dogs hear the word 'bed' they act like they've won the doggie lottery, for them bed means sleep and sleep means they get to do their favorite thing in the world. So when they heard that John Welch Enterprises was coming to the Salmon homestead to freshen up the 'beds' the dogs went wild. Imagine their excitement when two... two... people arrived to freshen their beds! Wow, what a nice guy that John Welch is sending TWO people to come freshen their beds!

As you can imagine, the dogs were a bit disappointed when their beds were left untouched and a long and exhaustive search where the men were working provided no answers. Shadow, Midnight, Ginger and Wishbone Salmon have had better days. Jim and Diane, however, were thrilled with the wonderful job the men did weeding and freshening the landscape beds. When you give John Welch a call you can have your beds weeded and fresh mulched while you're doing something you'd rather do, or even while you're at work. Just give them a call and get on their schedule and you too can have your beds transformed in no time at all! And don't forget to get on the schedule with John Welch Enterprises for snow plowing this winter. 

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