One of the best ways to maintain the value of your car or truck is by "up-keep". Of course that means everything under the hood, but most importantly, your exterior too. Western New York has some of the harshest weather conditions for a vehicle. With Winter on its way, that means road salt. 

Visit a Buckmans Car Wash to keep rust and corrosion from impacting your investment. First impressions can say a lot about a vehicle. Buckmans Car Wash has been serving the Rochester and surrounding areas for almost 50 years. So they know a thing or two about keeping a car clean and protected.

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They offer a variety of wash plans and cleaning services. One of the best investments you can make is by purchasing a Monthly Club Card Membership.  Visit their website to sign up and view the monthly plan that works best for you. While there, check out the variety of detailing services. Buckmans Car Wash has everything you need to keep road salt off your car and keep it looking great all year long. 

Buckmans Car Wash has several locations to make it convenient no matter where you are. Keeping your exterior and interior looking the way you want it, is what they do best! Visit their website today to start your monthly membership!