Click anywhere in the banner above to visit their website.  You really should!  Often!  ReHouse Architectural Salvage adds to their inventory practically every day.  ReHouse sells a wide variety of quality used building materials (and more).  They salvage products from houses/buildings being demolished or remodeled.  They save wonderful, useful materials from ending up in the landfill.  Products range from antique to modern and from basic to "top of the line".  Items are much less expensive than new, sometimes very unique, and always good for the environment. 

From doors to windows, from plumbing to kitchen cabinets, from hardware to heating.  They carry it all.  And more.  The best thing to do is to visit their website and familiarize yourself with ReHouse, their history, and the wonderful products they sell.  And then take a drive to 469 W Ridge Rd. in Rochester to see the store (warehouse really!) in person.  Nothing beats seeing the products firsthand.  And while you're there be sure to stop in next door at ReHouse Retro for mid-century furniture, decor and more!