With the heating season breathing down our neck it's time to make some important choices. Doing what you've always done isn't always the best way to do things. When it comes to heating we have two suggestions: 1. Griffith Energy, a Superior Plus Company and 2. Propane. We'll tell you why. 

Griffith Energy, a Superior Plus Company, is a full-service energy provider. You can rely on Griffith Energy for outstanding propane delivery, equipment installation and certified service. But why switch to propane as your heating source? Plenty of reasons! Propane is a versatile, multi-purpose fuel that is clean burning and non-toxic. Supply is abundant, readily available and competitively priced. And propane equipment and appliances are more durable than their electric counterparts. Those are only a few of the reasons you should switch to propane, below you will find a few more detailed reasons!

Benefits of Propane Equipment: 

Propane equipment and appliances are more durable than their electric counterparts.
Propane water heaters heat twice as much water in an hour than electric water heaters.
Propane high-efficiency furnaces can provide energy costs savings of up to 1/3 over conventionally powered units.
Propane-powered direct vent space-heating units use outside air to support combustion while re-circulating inside air to further warm the room.
Propane pool heaters heat greater water volumes in less time than electricity.


Benefits of Propane:

Propane does not contain lead and never has.
Propane has extremely low sulfur content and therefore does not contribute to acid rain.
Burning propane for fuel creates lower greenhouse gas emissions than many other types of fuel.
Propane produces harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide.


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