"One man's trash is another man's treasure." 
Interior, exterior, antiques and more! That's what you'll find at ReHouse Architectural Salvage in Rochester, NY. They have many products for sale. There's something for everyone! 

If you are in the market for that unique country charm item for your summer cottage or home, check out the items available for purchase at ReHouse. There are many products that enter their inventory daily. Some of their inventory consists of used building materials, lighting fixtures, hinges, trim, plumbing fixtures, and other items. 

ReHouse salvages items from homes that are being torn down. If you or someone you know is demolishing or remodeling, contact ReHouse Architectural Salvage today. You can bring your items to their store, or you can call them at (585)288-3080 and schedule a time for them to come to you and remove the items. 

Click on the banner below to visit their website:

469 W Ridge Rd., Rochester, NY 14615