This was a lot of fun to see everyone's guesses! We also would like to congratulate John H. from Pittsford for his correct guess of the Indoor Air Professionals' air duct machine debris collector. For his correct reply he wins the Flafster Battery Operated Salt & Pepper Grinder!    See below some of the great guesses!


It looks like a satellite view of water/ocean seen through clouds including what appears to be one or more islands.  Possibly Hawaii?

a pond, with fog over it, in the morning

Blue Moon photo

laminate countertop, car cleaning wipe

Microwave/range hood filter?

MS Circle, for Construction

It's the star Rigel taking with Astro photography telescope

Cloudy planet breakdown

A granite counter top.

Is it Uranus?

Polished Brazil blue quartz

Is the mystery picture a shot of the ocean taken from outer space?

close up of a furnace filter

Hot Air Furnace Air Filter

It's a knob for a dresser drawer/closet door.

Its faux painted wall

MS Circle, for Construction

a blue moon?

a piece of insulation made from Denim

Frosted window


a Lint Ball for the dryer

a bowling ball

a fish tank filter bag that holds charcoal?

per my grandson, 9 years old - the mystery is a dwarf moon. but my daughter says it's a blue sky rarely seen in Rochester NY.

the iris of a blue eyeball

fiberglass insulation?

Stained concrete floor

It's a pool or spa liner

a Formica cut out possibly from a bathroom sink.

Weathered siding on a house

Soapsuds in the top of a pail of water



It's a roller bottom of a table leg.

It's the globe of a light fixture

Point of a blue ball point pen.

Pool Liner

It's the blue sky as seen through a skylight with a lensbaby attached to the camera.

its a well or container of water with sky image

This a "Hot Tub".

Good Morning! Okay now, don't laugh...the sky!!!  Now cut that out!

A microscopic view of a Genova Ford pick-up truck paint sample.

Some planet?

a Sky Tube.

komado joe grill

Kitchen exhaust fan piping,bvent?

Is it a sump crock?

A picture of the sky thru a stove pipe

Half moon hub cap

It's a picture looking through John Welch's clean ductwork at the sky, a job done by indoor air professionals.

Ceiling light

I guess this picture is that of a blue tile floor with a stainless steel transition strip where it adjoins another flooring.

A filter in a maple syrup collection bucket

Virtual sky dimmable led round luminaire

it is a washtub with ice melt in the bottom

It’s a picture of the sky from a maple syrup bucket

picture is bucket with ice at bottom