Who do we recommend for Asphalt Repair & Maintenance?  EVERBLAK!

Asphalt Crack-Filling:

Keeps water from entering and weakening pavement.
Reduces tripping hazards.
Helps prevent further asphalt deterioration.
Protects the stone base and sub-base of the pavement.
Extends pavement and overall life of parking lot.

"Cracks can be caused by many different factors, including oxidation from the sun, water penetration, the freeze/thaw cycle, and poor initial paving construction. When water seeps under the asphalt through cracks, it breaks down the rock properties and softens the sub-base. This leads to additional cracking, pothole formation, and other parking lot pavement failures." - 

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Everblak, Inc.
955 Buffalo Rd., Suite 7
Rochester NY 14624
Telephone: 585-270-1881