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Should I Have My Well Water Tested?



Your new home is a valuable investment. Water is an important component of your new home. You want to know now what the quality of the water is. The reason you do is that you can factor in the expenses you may encounter adding or modifying the water filtration and purification system that may be necessary. By checking the water quality now, you can be certain of its current quality.

Which test should I have?
For most folks the best test to do is the one that will give you confidence in the water quality. We believe that our COMPREHENSIVE SCAN does this for most situations. This test covers the four common areas of contaminants that folks have concerns about. They are:
* Microbiological - Including Total Coliform and Fecal/ E. Coli Bacteria
* Inorganic Chemistry - includes common metals such as iron, lead, manganese, arsenic and others. It also checks hardness, pH, nitrate and several other indicators of water quality.
* Organic Chemistry - We check 61 volatile organic compounds including benzene, MTBE, styrene, toluene, vinyl chloride, Xylenes and others.
* Radiological - The US EPA continues to suggest that the level of radon in your house is effected by the level in your water. Your homes value can be affected by the level of radon in your water.

What About Pesticides?
It's hard to know for sure. The more of the following you have the greater your risk:
* A shallow or hand dug well.
* Close proximity to farming where pesticides are used.
* Close proximity to poorly managed use in homes and gardens.

If you believe these circumstances apply to you, then your peace of mind may make it worth ordering our COMPREHENSIVE PLUS PESTICIDES

Do I need a more thorough Test?
If you suspect or know that your aquifer is affected by any of the following:
* Industrial Pollution
* Land Fill
* An old dump particularly an unauthorized place where old cars, equipment, barrels, etc. have been or are stored.

You may want to consider the ENVIRONMENTAL SCAN. This testing includes 127 separate potential pollutants. With this level of testing you can be pretty sure of the quality of your water even in the most adverse circumstances.

I just want to keep the bank happy!
Many banks are requiring water testing to approve loans these days. Often the level of testing needed is not made clear until just prior to closing.

We have found that the level of testing in our STANDARD SCAN has always met the needs of the banks. We suggest that this is the minimum level of testing you consider for your new home.

Any of our other tests mentioned in this article include all parameters tested in the STANDARD SCAN

In Conclusion
As a key component of your new home, the drinking water is important to understand. Doing the correct level of testing gives the best certainty that your family will be able to enjoy safe, refreshing water. Cutting this corner now can be very expensive down the road, so take the time to consider this decision carefully. Now is a great time to have Jim check your water.

We wish you the best in your new home. Let us know if we can assist you in making your life there more pleasant.