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Since carnivals aren't allowed by NYS Governor, let's support the local fire depts. Look them up online, some have donation pages or send them a check for what you would spend if they had it. Carnivals and parades are a way for the fire dept. to raise much needed funds, don't let them down. Thank you.

Power Line Failure in Barre!

Power Line Failure 2nd Video!


The Salmon Children’s Foundation
P. O. Box 187
Albion, New York 14411

Books by Pam Covert:

Click on any one of the three books to order from Amazon.  All Books are available in paperback or Kindle version.


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The Mia Foundation

The Mia Foundation takes in dozens of animals born with deformities with the goal of giving them a chance at a life. 





Wishbone's Tip:

Just because we haven't seen much snow yet this season, doesn't mean we shouldn't be prepared. It is coming folks, so please protect our paws! 

Our feet (aka: paws) need protection from the elements too. If our pads get dry, cracked or injured, it is bad news for us and you! Many dangers from snow, ice and chemicals (used in salts) can be toxic. We can get frostbite, chemical burns and cuts. 

Don't fret though, solutions are available. You can protect our pads with a variety of balms made for dogs: Vasoline and doggie boots. Make sure our fur is groomed appropriately so "snow balls" can't get stuck between the pads. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for boots so they stay securely on our feet. If you prefer the balm, just be sure to wipe our feet thoroughly before you give us the run of the house. We don't want to be the reason there's a dirty floor.


Healthy Paws mean a Happy Dog! 



An R-value is a unit of thermal resistance for a particular material or assembly of materials (such as an insulation panel). The R-value depends on a solid material's resistance to conductive heat transfer. For loose or porous material, the R-value accounts for convective and radiative heat transfer through the material. 


It's a new year! Mark your calendar's for the Better Contractors Bureau Home Fair Expo. It begins on Friday, February 26th and runs through Sunday, February 28, 2016. You don't want to miss the opportunity to meet with vendors and listen to special guest speakers, including Jim Salmon from the Home Repair Clinic!


Become a part of the growing family of homeowners, farmers and businesses who rely on Griffith Energy, A Superior Plus Company. Griffith Energy can provide the energy solution you need. They are a full-service energy company. Make them your local heating service company. Call today to see all that they can offer for your home or business; 1-877-927-6488.




Is the cold air invading your home? Are you tired of paying those high heating bills? Have you considered an evaluation of your insulation? 

Marsh Insulation can help you with that. All you have to do is make a phone call and have them out to inspect your home. It's amazing what the proper insulation can do for your house and your comfort level. Don't forget - lowering your heating bill is just a bonus! 

Steve Marshall 
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Ontario, NY 14519