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Thrill Seeker


What is Thrill Seeker? 
It's an AWESOME Sport Fishing Charter! 

What an amazing experience to sail out onto Lake Ontario and a real thrill catching BIG fish! REALLY BIG FISH, and this is not just a fish story! Jim & John enjoyed a day out on the Lake with Captain Vince Pierleoni. 
Check out the pictures at the end of this article!

Captain Vince Pierleoni has been a USCG licensed captain for 26 years. He grew up fishing the waters of Lake Ontario. 


Capt Vince Pierleoni "lives" Lake Ontario fishing. He has lived along its shores his entire life, and has over 30yrs experience plying its waters. Anyone can catch fish when they are in a feeding frenzy, he prides himself on being able to create a memorable trip even during tough fishing by utilizing his vast experience.

Lake Ontario is the finest Great Lake for Salmon and Trout fishing, with unparalleled sizes and catch rates for lucky visitors to this beautiful area. Year after year, NYDEC catch census data proves the "fish-rich" Olcott area to be one of the most prolific areas to get in on the action!



Thrillseeker Sportfishing Charters 

Thrillseeker runs out of the port of Olcott, NY
from April through September. 
Salmon & Trout fishing at its finest 

Olcott, NY- April - September
Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon Fishing

Lewiston September-March
Lower Niagara Driftfishing 


Personalize your trip with a phone call to Captain Vince at

Find out everything you need, get the best dates and get to know your captain. 


Look at these pictures from their adventure! Told ya, BIG FISH! !

Not sure we want to know what John's saying here!