"We can't afford that!""It's not in our budget." All too common thoughts and statements. What if I were to tell you that there is affordable financing available? What about possibly no money down? Would these thoughts become, "Let's schedule an appointment." or even, "Yes, we can afford that!" Sound good? Well, let me tell you about Vekton Corporation. 

Vekton Corporation is celebrating 30 years in the business in 2016. What business, you ask? The business of home improvements, both interior and exterior. Quality craftsmanship. Free Estimate. National Top 500 Remodeler. National Top 200 Exterior Contractor. What makes this even better...they are right here in Rochester! 

Vekton offers the finest vinyl siding product for your exterior. They offer roofing services within your budget. They even can help you improve your home's looks by installing new windows and doors. 

Whether it be additions, renovations, roofing, siding or windows, Vekton Corporation is your one-stop shop! They complete their work within the zoning laws, requirements of the building permit, and even guidelines set forth by homeowners associations. 

Click on the logo below to visit Vekton Corporation's website. Review their testimonials. Set up an appointment for a free estimate and turn your wish into a reality!