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The Mia Foundation

The Mia Foundation takes in dozens of animals born with deformities with the goal of giving them a chance at a life. 


4th of July History  

On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of declaring independence from Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence was officially adopted two days later, marked by the ringing of the Liberty Bell at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  At the time, John Adams believed that July 2, not July 4, would be the date remembered by history. Annoyed that Independence Day wasn't celebrated on July 2, Adams reportedly turned down invitations to July 4 celebrations throughtout his life.

Massachusetts became the first state to make the 4th of July an official state holiday in 1781.

President Zachary Taylor died in 1850 after eating spoiled food at a July 4 celebration.


So there you have it, just never know how things will go! The 4th of July is a big holiday for hot dogs and has become a national celebration with fireworks, parties, enjoying summer to the fullest!

We can't let it go at this though. Of course, be safe, especially with boating, swimming, fireworks, just think first!

And as pet owners, be mindful of the loud noises from the fireworks, it scares them and hurts their ears. Fireworks is not a normal sound for animals with all the various bangs, sizzles, squeals, etc. then with the bright lights. Seriously, help your pets out, beforehand discuss with your vet possible medication to help calm them, try putting them in a room away from all the distractions, activities and sounds. Maybe have a radio playing low to drown out the bangs. has a list of local quality contractors, we highlight them individually with news articles generally each month on and feature in our newsletters throughout the year. We have had experience with them and even before bringing these companies on board - they must adhere to quality work and the importance of customer service. So when you need some work done we would be grateful to have you contact the businesses in our recommended service providers guide. Thank you!

College graduate? High School Graduate? Looking for work? Many of our businesses referred to above are looking for good hard-working employees. Take a look at all of them, then give them a call or just send in your resume! Be sure your resume explains what you've done for classes or training, be sure your grammar and spelling are what they should be. Always, always review your application & resume before sending it.  Many businesses don't require it but, the secretary may screen first and if it's poorly written, sloppy like you didn't put much effort into it, that shows you probably won't put effort in as an employee. Show you care enough to present yourself properly.


 Are you in search for a new or re-newed website for your business? May we suggest the company that hosts!

Visit their website (click) 360PSG  take a look around then call  716-226-1368 or fill out the contact form. It's that simple! Most importantly if you're not very knowledgeable about websites they can set you up with one that's easy to understand and input your own information and change as you need to.  Having problems or get stuck on something you're trying to do with your website? Just a call or email to 360PSG they are quick to get back to you to answer your questions. (Don't worry, they won't make you feel incompetent! - trust me, we've been there!)


Are you in Western NY?  Niagara County? Orleans? Genesee? Need heating or A/C? Contact Frontier Heating & A/C. Being local to these areas they are familar with our environment. They have a friendly, knowledgeable staff whether it's in the office or the service technicians. They have been in business over 30 years and, since they do such good work, have a great reputation, they've moved into a bigger facility to serve you even better!  Frontier has the hometown feel yet qualified to handle installing and servicing all the equipment. Motto? "We're not done until you're happy!" That's a big statement to make yet they stand behind it!  

Visit their website to see all of the products and services they provide!  click the banner;



We hope you've visited Empire Kitchen & Bath (previously Empire Fabricators). This company has the 'real good' kind of granite! Not the cheap thin stuff from, well, you know.  If you are putting in granite for your kitchen countertops you need quality that will last and not crack or break during regular use! Empire has the most beautiful, unique patterns you will fall in love to! 

Now, they design and install kitchens and baths hence the name! So you know you're going to get the same quality they're known for. The latest and absolute best products! Along with the installers that will transform those ugly rooms into the ultimate useful yet gorgeous areas of your house! 

Be proud of your home! Go with the best Empire Kitchen & Bath!   585-235-3050

95 Saginaw Dr. (right next to the main post office on Jefferson Rd.)

Rochester, N.Y. 14623 


We all need an attorney at some point of our lives. Especially as you get older you start thinking about your estate. May we suggest, Brenna, Boyce PLLC, Attorneys at Law. 585-454-2000. 

 Robert Brenna & Sheldon Boyce have expanded the original Brenna Law firm started by Robert L. Brenna Sr. when he graduated from law school in 1953. Then Robert L. Brenna Jr. joined his practice and eventually in 2007 Sheldron Boyce became a partner. 

They have a field of legal services available to give you the best experience. So contact their office to schedule a meeting, you will be glad to get things in motion legally. 

Attorney advertising


Siding project needed? Vekton is the company, they've been installing siding since 1986, another long-standing local business. Support local!  

You've had it with painting your house every so many years, with vinyl siding you're good to go for a very, very long time. The colors and textures of siding now are so different, much better than years ago. 

Why Vekton? They use major brands of siding, they do custom formed trim work which is a big deal! They have years and years of experience just doing siding!  Vekton Corp. 


Whether you're cooking, broiling, grilling even cooking scrambled eggs! The Salmon Ranch Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce & Trail Dust Rub enhance the taste no matter what!

It's a homemade recipe and now available at many locations around Monroe & surrounding counties!

This link takes you to all of the locations listed on Thank you for purchasing!

Summer is here! Time for boating, swimming, camping, hiking, concerts, so many things to do, so little time! You definitely don't want to spend it doing lawn work! Contact WEED MAN to get scheduled for them to take care of it. 

WEED MAN has so many programs available to control weeds, pests, vegetation, lawn diseases, grubs, fleas & ticks so much more available. Just call to get on their schedule 585-589-4211!  They can arrange the best times and how often it's needed.  Once that's done - go have fun!


One thing that isn't helping home buyers, is not having a home inspection. In this current state of real estate transactions it is discouraged to get that house inspected. This is not in a home-buyer's best interest.  People are getting them after closing then finding out all of the issues with the house that is now going to cost a lot of money to repair. Money that probably is hard to have since housing market prices are so over-the-top high.  Stretched your budget and now no money to get your house fixed, maybe even safe!

Did you plan on putting on a new roof so soon? Because if you don't, leaks will, if not already happening, cause hidden damage in many cases.  You didn't know the stairway wasn't safe. Or how about that furnace that need to be replaced? 

Stick to your guns when buying a house, get that home inspected. Of course, we recommend you call Jim Salmon, home inspector! 585-589-5650

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 Enjoy your summer & please be safe!






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